In case any of you are wondering how it is that a graduate of the Juilliard School, with a doctorate for that matter, came to be a graphic and web designer, the answer is clear: I have no clue. It all rather fell on me, or perhaps I fell into it. In 1994, after five months in Italy, I returned to the United States with no money and no residence. Like any self-respecting man of 35, I shacked up with my parents. Once again, I was a trendsetter.
    During my years in New York I’d partially (or sometimes wholly) supported myself by temping in law offices and the like. I tried that again in South Carolina and ended up at a company where I was asked to fool around on a Macintosh computer.
    A few months later I got a job copy editing a newsletter digest for middle level corporate managers. One day my boss asked if I knew anything about the internet. Expecting a negative reply, she said I would be going to a conference in Boston to learn.
   My freelance business proved as rewarding as my musical activities. Since that time, c. 1997ish, I’ve supported myself with some combination of music and design/ writing/ editing work. It suits me—stimulates me—to be occupied on multiple fronts. My work as a graphic/web designer, writer, editor, proofreader, copy editor, etc. is represented in this website.